Stacked Cabinet No. 7
Stacked Cabinet No. 7 Stacked Cabinet No.7 by Vincent Leman Stacked Cabinet No. 7 Stacked Cabinet No.7 handmade in the USA by Dust Furniture Stacked Cabinet No.7 by Dust Furniture - Designed & Made in the USA Woodgrain closeup of Stacked Cabinet No.7 - Blonde Stain Stacked Cabinet No.7 in Yellow Ocre and Slate Stain - designed by Vincent Leman, made by Dust Furniture Stacked Cabinet No.7 - Made in the USA Stacked Cabinet No.7 - Handmade in the USA by Dust Furniture Stacked Cabinet No. 7 Stacked Cabinet No. 7 Stacked Cabinet No. 7 Stacked Cabinet No. 7


Joy and life meet furniture in Stacked Cabinet No.7.  Impact, movement, and color make Stacked Cabinet No.7 the perfect focal piece to complete a room. It's perfect for displaying treasured books or objects while making a statement. The small footprint won't take up a lot of floor space, but it has a strong visual presence that definitely makes a statement!

We make our Stacked Cabinet No.7 using high quality, domestic birch panels, veneers, and hardwoods. Each piece is carefully crafted in our studio in Valparaiso, Indiana.  We finish our furniture using a multi-step process that includes hand distressing a a protective layer of durable clear-coat for lasting beauty.  The door is fully functional and features smooth, high quality hinges. The knob is nickel-plated knob and piece features leveling feet to insure a solid stance when floors are uneven.

Stacked Cabinet No.7 may be ordered in any of the color combinations shown or you may choose you own paint or stain colors. Vincent suggests "weighting" the piece with the darker, neutral value on the bottom. Please feel free to contact us if you would like help deciding!

Your stacked piece is made to order and can take 3 to 5 weeks to ship out. We make this Stacked No.7 in two separate sections that bolt together very simply using included hardware. The two sections ship in separate boxes, meaning we can ship this piece by FedEx, Home Delivery, or White Glove Delivery. 

Size: 75"h x 26"w x 15"d
Released: January, 2010
Piece No.: DF 1240

"We want you to know we love the stacked cabinet. My husband said he has never seen a piece of furniture so well crafted and so easy to assemble. Thank you for sharing your art with us." - PA


Background & design:

Conceptually, Stacked Cabinet No.7 is based on two individual pieces of furniture that are abstracted and stacked on top of each other. The 'S'-shaped flow of the piece draws your eye up from its weightier base and leads it up the open shelving to the top of the piece. The break of shape and color in the middle of the piece creates a dramatic contrast that helps define its unique character.

Stacked Cabinet No.7 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, The Acrobats. As a limited edition piece, The Acrobats sold out in 2009 with the last edition shipping off to Switzerland. Being sorely missed, Vincent felt a need to preserve the spirit of the retired piece. A concept that held the same movement and impact had been surfacing in Vincent's sketchbook throughout 2008 and 2009 and finally in 2010, Stacked Cabinet No.7 was born.