the design series

The Design Series is a more affordable collection of Dust Furniture*.  The Design Series has all the life, color, and movement of Dust Furniture*.  Like all Dust Furniture, each piece is carefully crafted and made to order in the color of your choice.  Like all Dust Furniture*, the Design Series features vibrant, compelling furniture... but these pieces are made at a more affordable price.


How do we make the Design Series less expensive?  Vincent specifically designed these pieces to be easier to make.  Making curved furniture is difficult, but there is a great deal of manual labor removed from these pieces by the careful design of each curve,  modern squared edge, and 1/2" inset of the side panels.  Together, these design choices make this collection every bit as lively as all Dust Furniture* pieces, but significantly more affordable.


In a perfect world, everyone can afford a $2,000 piece of furniture.  In the world we live in, money is an issue.  But Vincent started Dust Furniture* with the intention of bringing art furniture into the homes of everyday people, not just the 1%.  The realities of operating a small, US-based design and manufacturing business makes this tricky.  So, Vincent applied his engineering & business muscles to design a collection more in line with his original goal of making unique art furniture that more people can afford.