QUICKSHIP! Mirrored Spark Table Set - Indigo Stain

This set of Spark Tables are in brand new, perfect condition, made specifically as a "quickship" option as opposed to our usual made-to-order furniture. Our lovely Indigo Stain is timeless, offering subtle views of the delightful wood grain underneath.

The Spark Table is a lively accent that can brighten up any space!  A delightful mix of movement and color, these pieces will certainly add a little spark of life to your home. The Spark Table also works well as a bedside table or an end table for a couch or chair.  It's a faithful companion at bedtime or book time!

Size: 31"h x 22"w x 14"d

Ships in 1-2 business days via UPS Ground or on a pallet via FedEx Freight (depending on your location!)