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Jasna gets into her work

We really get into our work here... literally!  :) Our painter Jasna 'gets into' this custom sized (larger!!) Bookcase No.7 in Espresso Stain.  

Trophy Wife in Action!

We generally photograph new furniture in the studio with a backdrop, etc so it looks nice and pretty on our website.  On rare occasions we get to photograph a piece in a customer's home.  I love this shot, it just puts out furniture in context!

New colors!! - Gold, Silver, & Moss

All right!  Time for new colors!   We've been working on a few metallics lately, and we've finally sourced beautiful paints!  Gold and Silver both have real flakes of metal to give them that sparkly sparkle we all love! We're also releasing Moss Stain.  We've been working on the color for...

A new writing desk!

The shape of our new writing desk has been brewing in my sketchbooks for several years... probably 5+ years.  I'm so in love with the process of turning idea sketches into real furniture! You all have been requesting a writing desk for several years, so I'm excited to add...

Redesigning Cabinet No.6

When I first started designing furniture I was producing one-of-a-kind designs. And I was never really happy with that process. The design effort I put into each piece is so significant that producing only one of a certain design just felt like a loss. With reproducible designs, I can spend...