We offer free returns on orders if you're not completely satisfied with your piece.  Most people love their dust furniture*, but if your piece doesn't work for you for whatever reason, just touch base and we'll arrange a return & full refund.  

It goes like this:

1) Contact us:  info@dustfurniture.com or +1.219.464.9100  (within 30 days or order receipt, please).

2) Kindly explain your displeasure.  If it's a small thing, we'll make it right.  If your piece just isn't to your liking, we'll arrange return shipment.  Mostly, we just want to learn how to do better work and your feedback helps!

  • For smaller pieces, we'll send you a return label (by email or regular mail).  Just rebox the piece and drop it off or we can schedule a pickup for you.  
  • For larger pieces, we'll have to arrange a Home Delivery pickup.  They'll call in advance to arrange a pickup appointment.  They'll rebox the piece and bring it back to us.

3) Once we have the piece back, we'll refund your entire purchase amount (piece + any shipping, taxes, etc).

That's it.  We want more than anything to make furniture you'll love, but if it doesn't work out, at the very least we want you to love the experience you have with us... even if that means a return!