About the Artist

"The act of creation is a profoundly satisfying experience.  Taking an abstract idea, giving it form, refining proportions, placing lines, integrating functionality, and giving this spark of imagination a real, physical presence is a process that gives me great joy."

Vincent Leman - Designer of unconventional artisan furnitureVincent  Leman can hardly remember a time when he wasn't building furniture. He grew up working in the shop building fine quality custom cabinetry and woodwork for the family business. After completing his degree in mechanical engineering at Purdue University, Vincent made the decision to return to furniture building after realizing a strong aversion to cubicles and deskwork. He spent the next several years developing a very distinct, quirky style which could be described as a revolt against straight lines and the expected. During this time he built one-of-a-kind art pieces ranging from cabinets, bookcases, mirrors, to beds and anything that entered his mind to build. Maintaining that art can be both beautiful and functional, Vincent combined his knowledge as a fine woodworker and his engineering skills to create gravity bending furniture with personality, while leaving function fully intact.

After receiving many commissions based on already existing pieces, Vincent began thinking about creating a company to build reproducible designs. In the spring of 2005, he and his girlfriend, Jessie, launched Dust Furniture, with the idea that stamping the company's name onto each piece might inspire the owner to keep it tidy... like a reminder to 'dust furniture'... Vincent and Jessie are now married and Dust is growing steadily along. The company--like the artist--is committed to great design, beautiful colors, high quality construction, tough but environmentally friendly finishes, and of course, functionality.


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