About the Furniture

Stacked Cabinet No.7 by designer Vincent LemanAll of the furniture produced by Dust begins with sketches... many sketches. The work starts with a concept, the spark of imagination that defines each piece. This concept is something that must be worked towards with perseverance. Sometimes the concept is a particular movement or curve, sometimes an idea like Acrobats balanced on top of each other. The concept is refined and reworked, sometimes surfacing in Vincent's sketchbook several times over the course of months or years.

Eventually, there is a point where the concept is ready to develop into a piece of furniture. While concepts are formed during sparks of imagination, developing concepts into final designs is a process of disciplined work. Lines are placed, erased, redrawn only to be erased again. Movements are refined, thrown out and reworked. Once satisfied with the design, the sketch is scanned into a computer and turned into a vector rendering.

At this point, the idea becomes reality. The rendering is turned into files that Dust's CNC router can read. This computer controlled router (lovingly named Chuck) relieves our employees of the many hours of tedious work with a jigsaw previously required. Panels of wood are cut to shape by the router. Pieces are assembled, sanded, routed and sanded again. Paint is applied in a multistep process. Precision work is done to painstakingly distress each line and clearcoat is applied. The last step before packaging is to put drawers & hardware in place. The piece is then packaged to ensure safe arrival to your home.

This is how Dust furniture goes from an idea and a sketch, to a piece of unique furniture to be enjoyed in your home!