Ami du Bureau - Home Office Cabinet

Working at home presents a unique opportunity to create an environment that helps you thrive and do your best work.  Moving out of beige cubicles gives you the opportunity to step out of the drab mindset that comes with conventional office spaces.  Do meaningful work by creating a meaningful workspace.   It's probably time to upgrade from that folding table, eh?

Ami du Bureau is your friend for the home office.  This companion will provide an artful landing space for your printer, paper, toner, staples, and other miscellaneous office things that you now get to keep at home.

At 42" wide x 36"high x 18"deep, Ami du Bureau is large enough to hold your printer and supplies without eating your entire room.  The spacious interior storage will let you get all that "stuff" out of the way, while the adjustable shelf standards make sure you have the options to store what you need.  And yes, the back is finished, so you can place it in the middle of a room if you like.  

Ami du Burea is made with quality materials that will stand the test of time.  The solid maple top is durable and beautiful.  And it's strong finish will hold up to... well... you.  The body of Ami du Bureau is made from Baltic Birch plywood - a high quality plywood made from thinly sliced layers of solid birch.  

You can choose the color of your choice on the body of Ami du Buerau, and the top will always be made from American solid maple.

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