The Pirouette Table - A graceful, solid oak side table

The Pirouette Table is a dynamic, solid wood side table that's modeled after the forms and movement of a dancing ballerina.  It is a beautiful accent table to add an pop to any room.

Designed by Vincent Leman, the Pirouette Table draws its inspiration from the ballet's classic  movement - the pirouette. This table manifests the beauty and the finesse of a twirling ballerina in its very structure. From the smooth swirls of its shape to the careful curvature of its legs, every element abstractly references the grace of a dancing ballerina.

The oiled, natural oak legs provide a vivid contrast to the rich, stained color of the top & bottom of the table. While the legs are oiled, the top and bottom are stained by hand and coated with a protective clearcoat for lasting beauty.

Made from solid oak, the Pirouette Table beautifully juxtaposes the strength of solid oak with the delicate elegance of the ballerina it symbolizes. The Pirouette Table is not only a statement piece; it also promises resilience, longevity, and an enduring allure.

The Pirouette Table is made to order, so please allow 3-4 weeks for your table to be finished.  The side tabled ships by UPS/FedEx for free.

Experience this blend of art and craftsmanship with the Pirouette Table - a performance in wood worthy of a standing ovation.


Dimensions: 20" diameter x 22in tall
Released: 2023
Designed by: Vincent Leman
Ships: UPS/FedEx