Stacked Cabinet No. 5

Stacked Cabinet No.5 is both classic and unconventional.  The intersection of the two stacked pieces creates visual drama where classic and modern meet.  The resulting step provides a fantastic spot for displaying a vase of flowers or treasured object.  Stacked Cabinet No.5 has a number of traditional design elements which lends this piece its overarching traditional feel.  It will incorporate well into a classic living room while carrying enough visual punch to stand as a bold, functional accent.  

Stacked Cabinet No.5 is constructed of a high quality birch panels with solid maple accent moldings.  It is meticulously sanded and finished with your choice of stained or painted finishes and is hand distressed.  All of our finishes are environmentally friendly providing lasting beauty both for the furniture and the environment.  The piece features four shelf spaces for display and two concealed spaces for storage inside the base section.  The piece also features a nickle knob, high quality hinges and leveling feet to keep the piece from wobbling on uneven floors.

Size:    60"h x 24"w x 16"d
Piece No.:    DF1060
Released:    2008