The Dancing Table - The Hall Table on the Move

The Hall Table on the Move

The hall table with movement, grace, and personality, "The Dancing Table" will add life and color to your home!  "The Dancing Table" is hand crafted from solid maple and custom finished in the color of your choice. Your quality piece will match your colors and have lasting beauty and value that you're proud to show off!

Size:  44"w x 36"h x 12"d  (custom sizing is available if needed)

Ships by FedEx Ground in 4-6 weeks.  International shipping is available, kindly inquire for a shipping quote.

The Creation Process

"The Dancing Table" is inspired by movement.  Designer Vincent Leman designed this table to appear in motion.  A person online noted that the piece reminded them of the "Dancing House" in Prague.  Upon further reflection, Vincent thought that indeed the piece seems to be dancing.. waltzing!.. more than simply walking!  Thus, "The Dancing Table" was born!

Vincent starts with sketches, looking for the spark of an idea to turn into a unique piece of art furniture.  After searching and thinking, he takes the spark of idea and carefully designing each piece in CAD.

The Dancing Table - Furniture design in progress by Vincent Leman

After the initial design work is complete, the design is translated into something that our CNC machine can use and parts are cut out.  Below are the solid maple legs, ready to be sanded and built.

The Dancing Table - Parts are CNC cut and ready to build

And careful sanding, The Dancing Table is ready to be built!  We take our time building pieces so they indeed last for decades... we work to build heirlooms!

The building of "The Dancing Table"

"The Dancing Table" is complete and ready to be stained.

 We carefully stain (or paint) your table in the color of your choice.  Then the piece is carefully protected with a combination of traditional and modern finishes giving deep, beautiful finishes that are durable, beautiful, and long lasting.

 Hand wiping stain on "The Dancing Table"

Next, we carefully pack your piece of furniture for shipment.  We are a bit obsessive about our packing.  The last thing anything wants is for an heirloom quality piece of furniture to be damaged in shipment.  We do our best to prevent that!  (If damage occurs, we will take care of you, don't worry!  We'll send a replacement free of charge and take care of all claims on our end)


Lastly, you receive your finished piece of furniture!  Your own piece of American made art furniture, ready to brighten up your home!