Kelly's Stunning Dining Room Cabinets

Kelly had a great vision for her dining room cabinets.  She wanted to see "Trophy Wife" and "Le Amis" together with a drawer unit in the middle.

We worked together on a few sketches.  The overall form came together rather quickly.  

Kelly felt there needed to be a bit more detail between the drawer unit and the right side cabinets, so I incorporated an art-nouveau  design element (the cascading part between the drawer and square cabinet). Then we worked through adding drawers and a "Drawer in Door" detail into the middle drawer unit. 

custom made furniture design progression

Next we worked through color choices.  Kelly had chosen an initial group of colors, so I sent swatches so she could get a feel for the colors together.

Then we worked through good color combinations and then I created a colored drawing to see how the colors would look on the piece.

One final edit, to switch the colors of the "Door and Drawer" Section and to adjust the pedestal base color.

And we have an excellent design!

Next, I did my job of laying out pieces so we could build the furniture.  I do my work in CAD programs, designing every single part that goes into the furniture.

Designing furniture as complicated as Kelly's piece takes time, but once the piece starts coming together you start to appreciate the effort!

And then...

Lastly, we finished building the piece, painted the sections, and I drove out and delivered Kelly's piece.  Pieces like this are designed to be transported in sections, so installation only took an hour.


Kelly was so much fun to work with and together we made a truly exceptional piece of furniture!


Oh, and did mention we put in lights?  :)




Vincent Leman
Vincent Leman

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