Curves & Steps Bookcase
Curves & Steps Bookcase Curves & Steps Bookcase


Curves & Steps is Vincent's first try at purposely making a piece of 'kids' furniture.  All of Dust*'s pieces are whimsical and young at heart, but Curves & Steps simplifies & exaggerates some of Vincent's design styles to make a piece that's decidedly for the young (and young at heart!).

This piece is still in development, but the final design is complete.  The prototype is available, we just need to finalize photography, packaging, and pricing.  This 1st prototype is available at a reduced price.  We'll offer more colors as we're able until we have the piece ready to "release into the wild"!

(Ships free to the continental US - additional shipping charges will be required otherwise)

Please note:  if you order the prototype, there will be a 3 week delay as we finish photos, pack, & ship your piece.