Maudlin Display Bookcase


An effusive and vibrant piece, Maudlin is an accent display case with feeling and spirit.  Made in your choice of color, Maudlin will create an exclamation point that artfully completes your space.

Dust Furniture* is a line of art furniture from designer Vincent Leman.  Based on the abstraction of traditional furniture, Dust Furniture* aims to bring art off the walls and into everyday life.

Note from Vincent:

Maudlin is my 2020 interpretation of the Dust* classic Bookcase No.5.  I'm not exactly sure why, but I am going through a phase of 'release' with dust furniture*.  You can tell - I'm starting to name pieces instead of numbering them!

For a long time I was in a state of 'refinement' - where I sought to polish, smooth, and clean my designs. I designed Bookcase No.5 in 2005 where my focus was refining & balancing proportions and shape.  

Now, in 2020, I feel free to 'release' the spirit & design intent of pieces - trying to capture as much of the feeling and movement of each design concept.  Does Maudlin replace Bookcase No.5?  Absolutely not.  Each reflects the same design concept in unique ways.

Made to Order:

Maudlin is made to order in the color of your choice.  That means when you order your accent bookcase, we will precision CNC cut your piece's parts.  Our artisans will carefully build your piece by hand in our Southwest Michigan Studio. 

Our painters will carefully paint or stain your piece in the color of your choice (we can even us Sherwin Williams colors to perfectly compete your interior design project). 

Visit the color page to order free color samples. 

If Maudlin is not shown in the color you'd like, simply choose the corresponding option and leave us a note at checkout.  We'll make your piece in the exact color of your choosing - even a custom Sherwin Williams Color.

Each piece is protected with a high-tech, waterborne finish that will protect the beauty of your piece and is environmentally friendly.  Our packager carefully packs your piece and we ship your piece to you just as you like.

Build Pictures on Instagram

If you would like to follow the progress of your piece, make sure to note your Instagram username/handle at checkout.  We'll tag you in posts showing the building & progress of your piece! 


When you order a Maudlin Bookcase, we make your piece to your exact order.  So please allow us a little time to hand craft your piece for you. 

When your piece is done (or near), we will reach out and arrange delivery with you.  With basic Home Delivery, you'll received tracking and your piece will arrive by FedEx or Truck. 

Basic Home Delivery is free and included with your purchase.  If you need a delivery appointment with inside delivery or white glove delivery, those services can be added at checkout.


Maudlin Bookcase
Dust Furniture*
Designer:  Vincent T Leman
Designed:  2020
Overall Size:  24.5" wide x 64.7" high x 14.5" deep
Copyright 2020 Dust & Ashes Productions, All Right Reserved
Printable .pdf drawing with dimensions:  Here

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