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I'm very excited to release 'Trophy Wife' today. Trophy Wife is a new Dust Furniture design that contrasts traditional with progressive, reliable with extravagant. 

This new stacked piece came into being after working many hours on a commission for a doctor's office.  This was a nice commission, three large (rather huge) cabinets with classic mullion doors and stained glass.  Combined the three pieces covered an area of approximately 12 feet wide by 12 feet high.  Moreover the stained glass was lite from behind using LED lights.  The effect was sticking, but it took weeks to complete.

It should also be noted that Jessie and I had been watching quite a bit of the Dick van Dyke show as well.  Rob and Laura really are a great, modern archetype of husband and wife.  And in thinking about my lovely wife and considering the relationship between husbands and wives (while wiring one of these large doctor's office cabinets), the idea struck.  Because honestly, every husband feels deep down that he married up (or at least he should).

I love the moments when ideas strike.  They really are magical.  To quote (rather humbly) Hank Zeller, "When you realize that you just came up with an idea that betters anything that has been done, well, your hair stands up on end, you feel an incredible sense of awe; it's almost as if you heard a whisper from God."  Now, I could never say that my work is better than anything that has been done, but I do agree that the spark of inspiration does indeed stem as a gift from God.  Generally my work is the result of hard work.  I spend time and focused effort to generate concepts for new pieces.  But the concept for 'Trophy Wife' was truly a gift.  It was more like being allow to uncover something that already existed and just needed brought into the light of day.

Anyway, the rest happened the way it usually does.  I sketched and re-sketched.  Scanned, manipulated, rendered and re-rendered.  Then we cut, built, sanded, talked about color for quite a while, and stained and painted.  And the efforts you see in the completed piece.

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