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Posts tagged: Design Notes

Drawing lessons

I remember first being taught to draw a three dimensional surface.  Draw a half circle, drop two short, vertical lines down from the ends, draw another half circle.  What do we have?  A coin.  I was amazed and there it began.  A little while after, I checked out a book on drawing from the library.  I remember the process of sketching with a pencil and then inking the lines you liked.

Redesigning Cabinet No.6

The redesign addresses aesthetic and functional issues.  It's strange to look back and remember the constraints that shaped Cabinet No.6.  At the time of its release we were using 5'x5' sheets of Baltic Birch plywood.  This is an interesting material and...

Introducing Trophy Wife

I'm very excited to release 'Trophy Wife' today. Trophy Wife is a new Dust Furniture design that contrasts traditional with progressive, reliable with extravagant.