Drawing lessons

I am currently working on a sketch for a potential commission.  The project requires a more in-depth sketch than I generally create for initial concepts.  The design concept for most pieces can be captured with a rough 2-d sketch, but in this case to communicate the idea effectively I'm sketching in 3-d (I'm still analogue, so this requires the use of actual paper).  

As I hone down the sketch, I am reflecting on the source of my original 3-d drawing training.  I've taken numerous drawing classes, I pursued a minor in art & design while at Purdue.  I've spent hours working with digital drawing packages.  I've drawn my entire life.  I love design & composition.  But my first real training started in an elementary school drawing class.  I remember first being taught to draw a three dimensional surface.  Draw a half circle, drop two short, vertical lines down from the ends, draw another half circle.  What do we have?  A coin.  I was amazed and there it began.

A little while after, I checked out a book on drawing from the library.  I remember the process of sketching with a pencil and then inking the lines you liked.  Then erase the pencil and I again was amazed how this mess of pencil lines vanished to leave a clean, succinct pen drawing.

And so now, age 34, after establishing myself as a professional furniture designer and shipping furniture all over the world, I am still using the same drawing techniques I first learned in elementary school.


Sidebar:  I am digital as well.  After I sketch ideas with pen & paper, it all goes into the world of technology.  But the first thoughts are form best without the distraction of super-precision.

Vincent Leman
Vincent Leman

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