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Posts tagged: Dust Furniture History

Drawing lessons

I remember first being taught to draw a three dimensional surface.  Draw a half circle, drop two short, vertical lines down from the ends, draw another half circle.  What do we have?  A coin.  I was amazed and there it began.  A little while after, I checked out a book on drawing from the library.  I remember the process of sketching with a pencil and then inking the lines you liked.

My Dad's Old Drill

I have been re-organizing my studio of late and in the process I came across my Dad’s drill.  This drill was his very first power tool.  Its kind of special to me, it represents his beginning as a woodworker which lead to his cabinet business (Leman Cabinets) which is where I grew up.  Leman Cabinets was the beginning to my own life as a woodworker and has lead to Dust & Uncommon and who knows what else in the future.